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Facial Exercises


The problem:

Lack of nutrition reaching facial structures, cause bones, muscles, collagen, elastin and other composing tissues to atrophy and or disappear over time. Symptoms include loss of luster and glow, loose skin tissues and sagging, a thinning of skin structure (skin being closer to the bone), reduced elasticity, loss of bone structure, less collagen and reduced circulation, each a factor of so called “aged” or less healthy skin.


The Findings:

Our evidence shows that you may reverse, improve and maintain a high quality of skin health by following a simple protocol.

The “problem” can be significantly improved on in a few weeks by incorporating a four-step program that includes a:

    1. nutritious, balanced diet (mostly fresh fruits and vegetables with adequate vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, oils and adequate water,
    2. healthy living style with adequate rest and relaxation,
    3. personal use products that topically bring in nutrients that are usable by the skin and that have no synthetic chemicals that weaken skin--The Vital Image Products are an excellent choice. The results obtained from using Lift & Firm and or the Collagen Builder Complexes may be significantly enhanced!
    4. exercises specifically designed to target skin needs.



To propose Facial Exercises the 4th element of the skin anti-aging protocol. Just a few of the benefits augmented by this 4th building block include:

--Increased blood circulation at the facial and neck areas which:

  • provides greater expulsion of toxins from within and outside skin cells,
  • boosts implosion of nutrients to tissues,
  • results in improving/maintaining healthier skin tissue glow.

--Muscular development:

  • Adds younger looking/healthier appearing muscle tones
  • Firms up muscles and surrounding supporting tissues
  • Reduces sagging and loose skin issues.

--Tissue Buildup

  • Skin tissues may become more voluminous
  • Structural bones become stronger, helps hold their density and resists shrinkage.


Keys to Successful Results from The Facial Exercises:

Mind over muscle with Breath Control

  • The extent of your success will be significantly influenced by the quality of your participation in them. The following points are strongly suggested:
  • Concentrate: Impart energy only on the muscles being worked
  • Go by feel, not vision (minimize use of mirror)
  • Work Muscle only until tired, NOT to fatigue
  • Tense each muscle for about 10 slow breaths
  • Do slow breaths during exercise, think “prolonged exhale”
  • Tense each muscle to just below the shaking point
  • Coax muscles, don't force them
  • Muscle control, tone, power, elasticity, endurance and increased vitality arrive with time patience & perseverance.


The Facial Exercises--Observe the following:

  • Do once per day until satisfied with your progress. To maintain, exercise do once a week or more often if under stress or if your progress digresses.
  • Incorporate into daily routines and perform at odd times (while waiting, driving, watching TV.
  • Observe that you do not squint or create lines anywhere on your face during any exercise.
  • Relax and expand around eye area, including between the eyebrows.
  • Think opening eyes widely, intend to create more space between eyebrows, yet employ tension to eye area throughout all exercises.
  • The well known formula for achievement of exceptional goals: TIME + PERSISTENCE = SUCCESS. Add to this important knowledge to your life: Practice Makes Permanent (not Perfect); Only "Perfect Practice Makes perfect!"


The Facial Exercises:

  1. Raise eyelids slowly to max.  Contract.
  2. Press lips together while smiling; Contract. Include attention on surrounding facial & neck muscles.
  3. Press tongue against tensed roof of mouth muscles, open eyes wide, eye brows up.
  4. Open mouth. Tense upper & lower jaw muscles, against teeth. Focus tension on neck muscles. Neck tendons should be pronounced during this movement.
  5. Close mouth. Press lips together and muscles of the neck (just under chin).
  6. Mid-finger & thumb relaxed, partly at each side inside the mouth (between cheeks and teeth; cheeks over the nails). Press lips together and contract cheek & lip muscles squeeze fingertips against teeth. Eyes wide open, don’t squint. Resist lip pressure slightly with fingers.
  7. Index & two middle fingers relaxed between UPPER lip and teeth. Squeeze fingernails with lip.
  8. Index & two middle fingers relaxed between LOWER lip and teeth. Squeeze fingernails with lip.
  9. Bunch relaxed fingertips touching front teeth. Squeeze finger tips with your lips from all angles, open eye-lids widely.