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Hi there,

Thank you for looking at our friends' pictures.  We feel grateful and lucky to be able to share our wonderful products with you.  Especially before you use them you may want a little more verification, so hopefully what follows will help.  We chose not to insult our friends with "before" pictures, as they want to be seen as the new, not the old models.  However, we purposely did not take "glamour" pictures of them so that you could study their "real skin".

The Vital Image.



Here are some comments by friends of The Vital Image.They allowed us to take their pictures.  These are untouched (you can tell from the red eye in some of them) so that you can get a clear idea of how our products perform.  We appreciate their generosity.

Please look for the following characteristics  of young, healthy skin that you may find on these folks:

Key Benefits to Look for:

  • Texture
  • Elasticity
  • Moisture
  • Glow
  • Volume

We thank our friends for allowing us to show their pictures and share their stories, and we thank you, the viewer for taking the time to imagine what our extraordinary formulas would also do for your skin.

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 The Vital Image products are wonderful.  As a professional model in the skin care business I can tell you that these products work.  My personal results and those of my clients are phenomenal.  By the way, I'm 59, growing younger, and giving a lot of credit to your products Gloria M.,Los Angeles, CA.


I'd been on The Vital Image Products about 3 months.  I hadn't seen these three sisters for more than 40 years.  All three of them said, "why Irene, I recognized you immediately, you haven't changed a bit!" when we saw each other at our class reunion.  I'm sure you'll have three new customers here.   They could not stop talking about how great my skin looked.  I think the Collagen Builder is one of the key products that brought on this incredible rejuvenation--I never thought my skin would look like this at 60--my friends say I look a good 5 years younger than at my 50th birthday party.  Irene T., El Segundo, CA.


It feels absolutely fantastic to recover something you've lost.  When I look in the mirror I know that I project more confidence because I am more confident so I get more positive feedback from everyone I come in contact with.  Since I meet so many people in my travels you know I always pack The Vital Image products first!  Aleta A., Santa Monica.


 The Establishment vs. Jennifer R.  The prosecution charged the accused with: using natural substances to gain "unfair" advantage of the competition, resulting in meteoric promotions to the top of her field and deceiving the public by looking too young.  The Vital Image,  did agree that the defendant had been using their exclusive products for several years and that unfortunately for her competitors--they had not, and that she had shown pictures of her grand-offspring to offset any feelings of deceit about her age.  Her husband, Joe, quietly admitted that he enjoyed the company of the younger side of his wife.


 I have been using The Vital Image products for over 24 years, now.  I was one of their first customers!  The new products they have brought out since then are incredible.  Being of red-haired, fair complexion and surfing several hours every day at age 60 requires that my skin products perform way above and beyond the call of duty.  I can barely remember that my skin used to be dry all the time. Now, it is moist, and very comfortable.  I take a lot of credit for helping Leah and German develop the Sun Shield Moisturizer.  I put on 2 heavy coats (about 2 dime sized portions) of Sun Shield before I go in the water.  These will last me 2 hours without burning, on bright sun shine.  Because it absorbs into my skin it protects it even when there is some water contact.  If I get hit by many waves in the face I re-apply about every hour.  Can you imagine putting on chemicals on my skin everyday?  To have the protection for my skin and actually rejuvenate with a chemical free product is providing me a tremendous service.  Thank you for making this and the other wonderful products that you make.  As you know, that's all I use.  It's fun to look 20 years younger then other guys your own age and younger!  PS.  My partner, here, and I use nothing but Renewal Shampoo  and Hair Therapy Conditioner from The Vital Image.  Anthony B., Marina del Rey, CA.


Since I retired from teaching I have been so busy meeting many more people that it becomes more important for me to look my best.  I'm French, so perhaps that's one reason my skin is so important to me.  I feel so confident because I continue to see progress in how much younger my skin looks.  I had used many products from all over the world, but now that I have found The Vital Image their quality has convinced me that they are the best. For sure, I would have never let you take my picture a few months ago, before I started using your products--you probably would not have wanted to take my picture then, either!  Christine B., Los Angeles, CA.


 I'm very happy to be turning 50. and to have my skin looking so good.  I think that with The Vital Image products' help my skin aging is one problem I won't have..  Patricia D., Venice, CA.


 Not only have my age spots faded, but I swear my wrinkles are going away-- even my eye area is looking great. Experts say you can't turn back the clock--Don't you believe it!  I'll be 80 in a couple of months and when I look at pictures of my skin when I was 60 it never looked this good!  Though I've been using The Vital Image Products for several years, my skin still looks better today than it did 3 months ago--just how far can we push back this clock?  That Collagen Builder is incredible; I can’t believe how it accelerated my skin-rejuvenation cycle.  I sure wish you had been around for me to start my skin rejuvenation journey 20 years ago--I bet my skin would look even better!  Just one more thing:  All my friends comment on how young my skin looks. Thank you.  June H. Palmdale, CA.