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Skin Renewal Home Care Tips

Congratulations on getting the best skin-care system on the planet.  As promised, the Secrets of the Experts contains tips and simple routines so that you will derive even greater results from your Skin Renewal products.

These skin-care gems of wisdom were put together especially for you, our clients, in appreciation for choosing our products for your skin needs.

We assume that you have read our report: "The Truth and Consequences of Skin-Care" and that you have received your Skin Renewal Pac complete with the How To guide. These Secrets will augment your new regimen and help you to tap into the simplicity and power of The Vital Image products.

Why should you use only pure products?

Today's world requires us to be aware of our exposure to pollutants that are present in our food, the water we bathe in and drink, the air, household products and also in the personal care items we apply for health and beauty.

Women have traditionally used more beauty aids than men. They, therefore, have generally accumulated more "body pollution." Applying undesirable chemicals (that are contained in many perfumes, creams and lotions) directly on the skin, and the ingesting of coloring agents in lipsticks are two ways to get unpredictable combinations of materials into your system.

You can Relax with The Vital Image.

Our natural products are so good for you because they are loaded with nutrients (water, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and oils), are pure food grade and will never add to your "body pollution." Their versatility and ease of use will enhance your health and attractiveness and will also simplify your life.

Men and women, it is simple to be the best you can be!

Maximize your skin-care regimen by taking advantage of Secrets of the Experts who use Skin Renewal on themselves and on their clients to look their best.

Men, it is your turn to take advantage of the new technology in skin-care. Please welcome the word "beauty." When it comes to skin, it applies to you, too.

Always Follow these Basic Health and Beauty Principles:

DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE, unless you are going to BE GENTLE. Never rub or pull at your skin, specially about your eye area! Do you have an itchy eye? Do not rub! Your eye zone has the thinnest and most delicate skin on your body and is the first area to show lines. So do not stretch it--always treat it gently.

TWO WAYS TO BE GENTLE: Reserve your index finger for pointing, not for applying products or otherwise touching your face. It does not know its own strength. Use your middle fingers instead, to avoid applying too much pressure.

Pat, do not rub, to keep from stretching your skin. Professional tip:  Use short, firm strokes to apply heavier products.  Do not make use of long dragging strokes that stretch the skin.

GET OUT OF THE SUN. Everyone agrees that sun exposure causes 80% + of skin wrinkling and damage. Include a sunscreen to your daily routine. The fairer you are, the more protection you need. Hats, visors and sunglasses are vital in summer.  Using SunShield Moisturizer is arguably the best protection against the sun's UV rays.  To protect against skin damage, premature aging, keep unwanted chemicals away from your skin, keep skin moist and to rejuvenate it's the only answer.  Don't leave home without it!

TIMES CHANGE, THE NEED TO PROTECT DOESN'T: Use SunShield Moisturizer sunscreen. Let it set, then apply your Skin Oil Balancer Powder on top. SunShield Moisturizer provides light protection.  For more protection, use Collagen Builder first.  To protect from heavy sun exposure, apply SunShield more often--every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  

If you are caught without your sunscreen, an application of Skin Renewal Complex or one of the Complexes will give you some protection from free radical damage provoked by UV rays.  Even after you have been burned, apply SunShield to heal and prevent and reverse further chain-reaction free radical damage.  Actually, any Vital Image product will be healing and protective.

Health and Beauty go Hand in Hand: What is good for your health is usually good for your skin. Proper diet, exercise, and rest are the cornerstones of good health for your body and skin.

Get it Out Quick: Your skin is a major organ of elimination. Good elimination makes The Vital Image skin-care routine work better. When the colon, lungs and kidneys do their jobs, the skin need not handle extra poisons that circulate through your body. When your skin is free to breathe and do its job, the result is clearer, healthier, more beautiful skin!

Could you use colonics to help detoxify and tone your body on the inside? Many have used this method successfully to improve waste and toxin elimination resulting in clearer skin.

How About a Drink?

Your skin is always thirsty even when you are not. A main factor in skin texture is water content. Drink at least six to eight glasses or more of water a day to hydrate your skin from the inside, while your Skin Renewal hydrates it from the outside.

Tips to Drink More: Make a pot of herb tea, drink and enjoy during the day. Add a splash of juice to your water and drink throughout the day. Take a glass of cool water, a few drops of lemon, add a little stevia extract and what a great lemonade! Stevia is a very sweet-tasting herb that contains no sugar and is an excellent, healthy substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Another Drink? Did you know that coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol are all dehydrating? Yes, they actually dry you up. Use this rule of thumb: For every ounce of the above you consume, you must drink 32 ounces of water that has been alkalinized to a pH of 10, just to keep even. 

 Since water is an essential ingredient of healthy skin, then, the greater your water deficiency the less effective cell function becomes and the lower the quality of skin cells your body produces. The result? Less healthy and attractive skin. Is it worth it to cut yourself short of this critical element?  Probably not!!

Oxygen and pH Alert!!

The key for health is oxygen, oxygen and more oxygen!! This is important since the oxygen in the air we breathe has fallen from about 30% in 1950's to 19% today, less than that in many areas.

An alkaline body pH equals more available oxygen. If blood pH is not between 7.35 & 7.45 disease and serious illness will set in. At pH 7.45, blood carries 68% more oxygen!

Scientific studies show that cancer, AIDS, harmful (anaerobic bacteria) and virus cannot exist in alkaline environments. The message? Keep a high alkaline environment in your body and it will attract more oxygen, resulting in a healthier condition. This is also true of your skin. Now: Check the pH of Skin Renewal products and you will find that their pH will be very alkaline!--We want you to have healthy skin.

Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Move away from processed acid forming foods, sugars, soft drinks, liquor, coffee, caffeinated teas and animal products. Stress, whether mental, physical or induced through emotions causes the body to become more acid and lose oxygen. More natural foods and relaxation will increase alkalinity and increase body oxygenation. Likewise, more oxygen will contribute to a more alkaline body pH--healthier body and skin will follow.

Oxygen homework: When you experience extra stress, breathing can become shallow and restricted resulting in oxygen deprivation. Here are two simple and relaxing ways to increase oxygen intake:

Oxygen bath: Draw a very warm bath. Add a 16 ounce bottle of common 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and put 1 or 2 scoops of Therapeutic Bath Salts. Soak for 20 minutes. There you have it--oxygen therapy at home. For extra skin softening add a squeeze of Face & Body Wash or Shower Silk. Our Therapeutic Bath Salts draw acid out of tissues and help oxygenate.

Oxygen break: Forget the coffee break, you need an oxygen break! Make a point of taking 10 deep breaths, 10 times a day and see how much better you feel! In time, see how much better you will look.

What to do if Attacked by Chocolate

Chocolate and your skin are not on the friendliest of terms. Try substituting carob for chocolate, such as in carob-covered raisins, peanuts or almonds. These are delicious, but also be careful not to overdo. Acne skin is especially sugar intolerant. Substitute a natural, sugar free sweetener such as stevia extract.

Persistence Equals Success

BE A FANATIC about doing your skin-care routine at night before retiring. You will indeed be helping your skin rejuvenate itself by sticking to good habits.

Remember that your skin is most actively regenerated between the hours of midnight and 4:00 a.m. For even better results apply also in the morning, so that you can provide protection and energy food and moisture to your skin so it experiences no deprivation--look good even during stressful times.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Use the system. The Vital Image products work best when used together. This is proven every day by thousands of delighted clients. Each product should be used according to your individual needs and in the quantities that your skin requires. If you leave out steps or substitute other products the results will not be the same. Some of the nutritional benefits may even be negated.

The Vital Image products are 100% natural, alkaline and super oxygenating by our unique Charged Organic Particles (COPS). They are just what your skin needs. Synthetic chemicals on the other hand can be acidy and reduce the amount of oxygen and interfere with the near perfect environment created by our natural products.

Get set before you go.  The Face & Body Wash and Grime Fighter are crucial in setting the optimum pH. This makes your skin receptive to absorb nutrition--open up the pores to the Complexes of your choice, plus also they neutralize chlorine so that the Complexes do not have to do that dirty job. They go directly to feeding your skin.

For sun damaged or wrinkled skin use the Collagen Builder underneath  application of Skin Renewal and or a mix of the Complexes.  This will rejuvenate your skin quicker. Drier skin needs ample Phyto Hydrator, and very dry skin can use an additional boost from a drop or two mixed in of the Lipid Complex.

This is NOT a Joke!

Mary told Alice "Oh, what a shame, it looks like you are getting crow's feet." Alice replied, "Those are not crows' feet, they are laugh lines"; to which Mary replied, "Alice, honey, those ARE crow's feet and they are NO laughing matter!"

So Watch it, Relax Your Face

Look in the mirror and smile. Does your face break into dozens of lines? Do tensions and habits result in exaggerated facial expressions that encourage deep lines? The most common culprits are "big" laughing, frowning and the raising of eyebrows. It has been said that 200,000 frowns make a wrinkle! This means also sleeping on your face with the weight of your head on folded or stretched skin for any length of time.

Wrinkles become apparent when collagen is broken down by free radicals caused by an excess of arachidonic acid.  Collagen Builder has been specifically designed to neutralize this collagen destroyer.  The COPS deliver the various antioxidants to the dermis--the area in the skin that contains this acid and it neutralizes it.  Collagen Builder additionally provides the vitamins and minerals, including MSM that are cornerstones for rebuilding collagen.  

The result?  You guessed it, your skin gets more plump and younger looking.  The good news is that you will be able to see good results in just a few days--filling in of fine lines and skin getting plumper--and shortly after, your friends will be asking you if you discovered the fountain of youth!

What a Clever Tape Trick

Do you have lines on your forehead? It's easy way to retrain yourself to eliminate unwanted expressions: Apply products (to keep the tape from being too sticky and harming your skin when removed) then put a piece of tape over the problem area. Every time you raise your eyebrows, the tape will remind you to stop wrinkling.

This is a favor even your best friend cannot do for you! Try the "tape tip" wherever you have unwanted expression lines. Soon after the movements cease, the lines become less noticeable and sometimes even go away!

Relaxation Equals Rejuvenation

To get the most rapid regeneration of the eye zone do the following before sleep or any time during the day to rest without tension. Lie down face up with your head on the pillow and inhale deeply. With your thumbs, press upward toward the forehead on the eye socket--the sensitive area between the eyebrows. While exhaling apply pressure, relax the jaw, make sure that your teeth are parted. Feel release of tension around the eye.  Repeat three times.

Give yourself this autosuggestion: "I will have a restful sleep and a serene face." The products work more deeply in relaxed skin and muscles, resulting in more rapid rejuvenation of the eye zone. The results will amaze you!

It’s Your Face, Don’t Sleep on it

Sleep on your back or side to avoid wrinkling and creasing your face while you sleep. It's easy for most people to train themselves into a favorable sleeping position. When sleeping on your side, avoid creasing your face by placing your ear over the pillow and use a thick pillow or two small ones to support your neck.

Satin pillow cases reduce friction that stretches and damages hair and skin. Look for pure silk rather than synthetic fabrics.

Don’t Forget to Take Out the Trash

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface--it is a key to young skin. When dead cells remain too long on the skin, several things happen:

The skin gets a dry, dull and pasty appearance

Moisture cannot penetrate well and most importantly

Dead cells on the surface slow-down the regeneration of new cells at the bottom layer of the epidermis

Dead cells can clog pores and result in breakouts.

Young Skin Renews Itself Rapidly

Did you know that proper exfoliation can step-up cell renewal by as much as a whopping 30%? What a rejuvenator! The Glycolic Refining Lotion the nutrients in the Complexes and the Collagen Builder support this more rapid cell renewal while allowing the complete cell metabolic cycle.

What is Proper Exfoliation? That depends on your skin type and condition. Washing may be sufficient for some people. However, most of us can stand a more vigorous method. The question is how to exfoliate gently, yet thoroughly and without drying or irritating our skin. The answer may surprise you.

How Sweet It Is!! Use simple table sugar! Yes, table sugar is a good exfoliant. It has fine grains for gentle removal of dead surface cells and it is nondrying. Sugar rinses away completely to leave your skin super clean, smooth and exfoliated.

How Much is Too Much? How often should you exfoliate? From a maximum of four times a week for thick, oily skin, to once every two to three weeks for dry, sensitive skin. Try exfoliating at different intervals to find your individual rhythm. Remember the benefits and always think GENTLE.

How Exactly Can You Exfoliate? Try the following sugar/lather method at your bedtime washing:

  1. Wet your face, dispense about one half a teaspoon or more of sugar in your hand
  2. Add a drizzle of Face & Body Wash and mix together to form a paste, not too stiff
  3. Dip the two middle fingers of your other hand (not the index finger) into the mix
  4. Use a gentle, gliding circular motion over your entire face, neck and eye zone
  5. Rinse well and pat dry
  6. Look at your face, it should look rosy but not irritated

Use Grime Fighter or Waterless Cleanser, specially on oily skin and to remove eye-makeup residue.

Be so gentle and gliding that your skin does not move under your finger tips. Be extra careful around the eye area. Do not exfoliate moles.

Some superficial pimples may clear-up more quickly thanks to exfoliation, however, be careful not to be harsh with pimples that are already inflamed.

Hydrate and feed your face as usual using a little extra PhytoHydrator and Skin Renewal Complex, or other Vital Image nourisher, as needed by your own skin condition and type. 

After exfoliation, your skin will absorb more nutrients and moisture.

Exfoliation removes the debris that blocks moisture from penetrating into the skin. Therefore, you will probably notice your skin looking clearer and see fine lines diminished. Some very fine lines may actually disappear! Don't be surprised if you get compliments on how well you look.

Not an alternative but a complement exfoliator is the Glycolic Refining Lotion. Use sugar and Glycolic Lotion on different days. In addition to exfoliation, the Lotion has a very smoothing and plumping effect on the skin and diminishes the look of pores.

Perfume is OK

But never directly on your skin. Perfume is best in your hair or on your clothes. Alcohol and synthetic fragrances are not compatible with skin health.

Special tips for Special Occasions

When it's 2 on the Town for You:

When tonight's the night and you want that terrific look--maximum radiance and glow, try the following:

Three hours before your event use our Clay Mask, rest and relax until it is dry (15 min.). Splash and remove with a wet wash cloth, rinse well.

1 hour before make-up apply Collagen Builder

Follow up with  PhytoHydrator-Serum, let it absorb

Use any of the Complexes, such as Skin Renewal Complex, Cleopatra's Dream, Pot of Gold, Saffron Complex, etc.

Must You Wear Makeup?

For an Exquisite party glow; after make-up sprits a very light mist of PhytoHydrator.

You know that wearing foundation is not good for your skin. If it is an absolute must, protect your skin, to a degree, by applying Skin Oil Balancer Powder BEFORE putting on your foundation. The Balancer provides a protective barrier against the clogging effects of foundation.

Luscious Lips

Many people have chronic dry lips. Lips are a membrane, they are not actually skin. They require a lot of moisture. So, use the PhytoHydrator and seal in the moisture with a lip balm.  Use the Collagen Builder continuously for a couple of weeks directly on the lips if you wish to build them up.  You will be surprised how that collagen your own body builds brings your lips back a few younger years.

Skin Oil Balancer Powder

The Balancer is no small miracle. It absorbs oil, seals in moisture, allows the skin to breathe and expel poisons, keeps pores tight, protects your skin from pollution and keeps you looking young--especially helpful for acne, oily and problem skin.

Although intended for the health of your skin, Skin Oil Balancer Powder is the finishing touch that keeps you looking well groomed all day.

Ladies, Keep Your Eye-Makeup in Place The Skin Oil Balancer Powder makes an excellent base for eye shadow, liner and mascara. After you do your eye make-up, dust some more Skin Oil Balancer Powder on top to set it for the day.

Control That Annoying Shine. . .by reapplying as needed during the day. Women, carry a compact with Skin Oil Balancer Powder and a sterile cotton ball. Men, use a small zip-lock bag with "Balancer" and a sterile cotton ball. Store it in your pocket or briefcase.

Clear-Up Blemishes more quickly by applying Oil Balancer liberally at night to absorb excess oil and to encourage expelling of poisons. This helps prevent infection and its spreading. Very oily skin: Blot with a tissue, reapply Balancer during the day.

Combination Skin & "T-Zone" Partly dry and partly oily skin are a dilemma that is easily handled with the Renewal Products. Use each item separately as follows:

  1. Mist skin with PhytoHydrator, especially  on the drier areas
  2. Apply Skin Renewal or other Complex over your face and neck
  3. Apply Skin Oil Balancer Powder all over, patting an extra amount on oily and broken-out areas, especially at night and

Do You Feel Pale...

After putting on your Skin Oil Balancer Powder? Remember to pat it on with a cotton ball, NEVER RUB! Rubbing gives a pasty appearance. Press in and dust off with a cotton ball to give matte finish without looking pale. Or, apply it with your fingers and rub it gently into your skin until the powder disappears. Experiment to test which method works best for you. Non-acne skin can use a good cosmetic brush.

For a Dewy Look

Moisten your palms with a drop of PhytoHydrator and gently press them to your face after applying Blush and Skin Oil Balancer Powder.

Young Hands or Old?

Hands can give away your age even though your face looks good. It is simple to condition your hands with Skin Renewal or any Complex and Phyto Hydrator. or Nourishing Body Milk. Use them separately or together in any proportion.

Do you ever have any Renewal Complex or PhytoHydrator left over from treating your face? Put it on your hands, arms, elbows, feet or any place that needs attention!

Try this: Scrub hands well with a mix of olive oil, salt and lemon juice. Wash with Face & Body Wash and apply the Skin Renewal Complex and PhytoHydrator, Hand & Foot Cream, Nourishing Body Milk or SunShield Moisturizer.

For more intensive treatment, especially if you work at a profession that requires frequent hand washing you need Nourishing Body Milk and our Hand & Nail Oil. Use morning and night as follows: (1) Wash hands. (2) Rub a couple of drops of Hand & Nail Oil well into nails, cuticles and hands. (3) Massage in Nourishing Body Milk. Night time application is essential to rejuvenate hands while you sleep. In the morning apply at least one hour before washing your hands. Hands stay soft as you wash them throughout the day.

Eye-Zone Worries? Pat one drop of WOW! Oil around eyes. Apply Cherry/Yam Complex and Renewal or Saffron or Pot of Gold to the area. Add the ultimate: Cleopatra’s Dream for the most smooth and elastic eye zone.

Cleopatra’s Dream: Cleopatra was not lucky enough to beautify her skin with this unique formulation that is a quantum leap ahead and beyond any available. Your skin will take on an immediate liquid, luminous youthful quality. You will project a certain mystique when you use Cleopatra’s Dream.

Sagging Skin

The vitamin Collagen Builder and Lift & Firm were specifically designed to combat two specific problems. Attacks on the skin by free radicals are defended by the Collagen Builder which promotes thicker more collagen-rich skin via its antioxidant function. The Lift & Firm is particularly effective on sagging skin, whose tiny muscles have "given up the fight" against gravity. Sagging is usually the result of poor circulation and the proper nutrients--The precise combination is contained in The Lift & Firm.

MEN (and ladies, too) See how much time you save and what great results you will get with the following routine, specially if you bring a mirror into the shower:

While showering, SHAMPOO with your Renewal Shampoo and continue down to your face, gently massaging the entire area for about 30 seconds on the scalp and 15 seconds on the face or legs

Rinse only the areas to be shaved with warm water and apply Shaving Miracle

Shave gently and systematically feel with the finger tips for unshaved areas

Rinse the scalp, face, legs and body when finished shaving

Before you dry your face get in front of a mirror and touch up sideburns, etc. Shaving Miracle while shaving in the shower is a very pleasant experience. Enjoy the quickest, smoothest, closest shave you have ever had!

Forget Skin Bracer or after-shaves Hydrate and nourish your skin with your Skin Renewal routine--your skin will rejuvenate during the rest of the day.

Don't Rub it in, Drum it In After the application of your Skin Renewal products, lightly drum your fingers over your face and neck. This light massage relaxes the skin and muscles, plumps your skin and cues it to retain moisture.


Don't despair! Now you have just what you need to help bring your condition back to normal with clean, properly hydrated and balanced skin. The chemically dried out and tight skin of the past was not getting healthy. Check out our AcneNo, Cherry/Yam Complex and Skin Oil Balancer Powder: Do not over wash your skin. Control excessive oiliness with the Balancer rather than by excessive washing with soap. Washing does help to fight infection and rid the skin of excess oil. Although it's drying, it does not help stabilize the oil output of sebaceous glands.

If your skin gets too oily by the middle of the day, blot with a tissue and then reapply the Balancer. Never touch your skin: Unless you are caring for it. Unconscious touching introduces bacteria and irritates the skin.

Hair: Keep hair away from face to reduce the likelihood of brushing it away with the hand. Hair itself may have oils, bacteria and products that cause breakouts. Pomade Acne is a term for breakouts around the hair line due to styling products.

Phones: Acne is worsened by bacteria-laden phones--Don't touch the face.

Sleeping: Change pillow cases often and press a lot of Balancer into your clean skin before retiring. Sleep on your back and keep hands away from face.

Lighten Spots: Discoloration--dark spots have a variety of causes--hormones, sun exposure, liver and kidney congestions, and other toxins that the body is unable to expel.  Happily, fading is as easy as layering the Cherry/Yam Complex under the Skin Renewal Complex or under any of the other complexes for splendid results, not just for the face but for hands, arms, etc. where you need spots lightened. For best results:

  1. Wash your face with Face & Body Wash to cleanse the area thoroughly
  2. Apply the Grime Fighter to set the pH, let it set
  3. Include the C-Serum into the routine
  4. Continue with the Cherry/Yam Complex, allow to absorb
  5. Layer the one or more of the Complexes, including Cleopatra's Dream or Collagen Builder

Avoid the sun and or protect by using SunShield Moisturizer and wearing hats and visors.

Monitor yourself: Does your skin feel dry? There could be two reasons:

  1. You could be using too little PhytoHydrator and/or
  2. Too little Skin Renewal Complex

Super-Nutrition Tip for Super-Vital Skin

Periodic, multiple applications will boost the nutrition of most types of skin.

Apply your usual amount of Skin Renewal or other Complexes and PhytoHydrator. Wait for it to absorb into the skin. Then, repeat with additional applications, as many as it will absorb in about 30 minutes.

Depending on humidity or dryness of air, your stress level and your skin type, monitor your needs for this super-nutrition (from once a month to weekly.)

Does Your skin Feel Sticky? You may be overusing the Phyto Hydrator or you may need to exfoliate your skin. See the section about sugar exfoliation.

Is Your Skin Still Too Oily? Then you should use Skin Oil Balancer Powder and reduce or eliminate PhytoHydrator.

TAKING FULL ADVANTAGE of your Skin Renewal home-care products (Skin-Renewal Pac) can truly be your fountain of youth. Our non-greasy system is exclusive, unique and the best on the planet. Consistent use will help you achieve your beauty potential.

Just as your palate enjoys changes in food, so does your skin benefit from a change in menu. Each of the skin renewal products contains dozens of plant extracts and the charged particles to provide the skin with the much desired and needed nutrition.

So, layering the complexes in different combinations and alternating them gives your skin a boost. One time, use after proper cleansing only the Skin Renewal Complex. Another time, use the same cream but add the Pot of Gold. The next time, use the Cherry/Yam Complex under the Skin Renewal Complex. As is true with the meals that you eat, the more variety in your ingested nutrition the more synergy that is created and the better you are able to use the food.

For a special day of beauty, try this: Place several layers of the different Complexes and lotions, applying one after the other, yet waiting for each delicacy to be absorbed by your skin. See how your skin looks shortly afterwards and how it remains improved, even if you used no products on your skin for several days!

What does Leah do to keep her incredible Skin incredible?

Leah keeps her ageless skin looking magnificently--looking a dozen + years younger than six years ago. Here is her secret delivered to you our beloved friends and customers. By using this routine you too can defy and reverse the passage of time:


General Rules: Never stretch the skin, drum fingers to plump and tone skin, always wear sun screen, always wash at night.

  1. After Grime Fighter absorbs apply The Firm over face and neck, allow to absorb
  2. Gently smooth on a generous amount of C-Serum and or Collagen Builder over face and neck, let it absorb
  3. Pat in Skin Oil Balancer
  4. Put on eye liner and mascara--mineral pigment, no chemicals, allow to dry
  5. Set with more Balancer

This 5 minute routine may set you up for the day--no touch-ups, no moisturizer, etc.

Bed-time Routine

Use Face & Body Wash, 3 times a week exfoliate with sugar

Put on Grime Fighter

Apply The Collagen Builder and/or Lift & Firm.

Two times a week apply the Glycolic Refining Lotion (usually not on days of sugar exfoliation) which I also do twice a week--WOW! Oil two times a week

Lay on the C-Serum

Layer on the Pot of Gold Night Repair, and or Cleopatra's Dream. To prevent period breakouts I use Cherry/Yam mixed with AcneNo

Apply Balancer (to prevent premenstrual breakouts use under AcneNo and Cherry/Yam Complex

Clay Mask once a week--it really helps keep pores refined.

Leah's Travel Basics

Renewal Shampoo, Grime Fighter, Body Milk, Collagen Builder, Skin Renewal, C-Serum, SunShield Moisturizer

Body Rejuvenation Routine

Take an oxygen bath with 1/2 cup of Therapeutic Bath Salts 2 times per week and add 1 bottle of 16 oz. common hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) to your bath. Put a squeeze of Face & Body Wash or Shower silk to aid in oxygenation and soften the water. This helps to alkalinize the body--it's a health builder. German research shows that pull acid out of the body through the skin by using mineral salts.

Use an exfoliating glove while in the bath, soak for 30 minutes in warmish water

Daily, use Nourishing Body Milk after your shower or bath--even on your face.

Why Do healthy skin cells Need Food from Plants with NO Chemicals?

As the good Dr. Rene Maurice Gattefosse proved in 1920, the essential oils, the aromatic substances in many flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, bushes, roots, seeds, leaves, stems and flower petals contain the nutritional and healing substances necessary for living beings. In their purest and most energetic form (essential oils are the "blood" of the plant) they enhance health. When altered with synthetic chemicals, their fragile hydrogen balance is degraded.

The living plant oils and resins we use contain trace minerals, nutrients, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antibodies, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic and immune stimulating properties.

One key element found in both plant and human blood is Oxygen. Our COPS, ingeniously transport oxygen and maintain an alkaline environment to augment the oxygen in the extracts contained in our products. The COPS, then become the ultimate transporters of the fundamental nutrients necessary to feed and nurture skin cells. The very high content of oxygen in their physical structure gives them the ability to transport oxygen and nutrients through the cell wall and into that cell--just as should ideally be performed by the body itself.

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? Call us. We will be delighted to assist you to assure your success with your Skin Renewal skin-care program.

Congratulations and Welcome to The Vital Image, the skin-care revolution!