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The best all natural Skin anti aging, anti wrinkle, rejuvenating, firming, cleansing, toning for all skin types, ages and genders on the planet!


Your best scientifically designed weapons for anti aging, anti wrinkle, acne, oily, dry, sensitive and problem skin type (face, body, hair).  

Whatever skin solution you seek, this amazing breakthrough technology may help you achieve clear, vibrant, and toned skin.  All with 100% active and powerful body and earth friendly ingredients.


This amazing technology is time tested (26+ years and 25,000+ men and women of all ages, with unsurpassed results).  Our goal is to help you get your skin to the top of your game as quickly as possible, keep it there as long as possible, as easy as possible,  affordably and Guaranteed!

  • Learn which anti wrinkle products are endorsed by top health and beauty professionals as the most effective for your skin type,

  • Discover how to tighten sagging skin, restore elasticity, tone and revive it to look 10 years younger,

  • Unlock your skin's potential to overcome oiliness, acne, dryness, blemishes, enlarged pores and premature aging quickly.


Welcome!   Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to the best, holistic, uniquely 100% Natural Skin Care Products--energizing plant based products for skin and personal care.  Our advanced skin products don't just "contain" natural ingredients--they are 100% natural food-grade.  YesYou could eat them--so purely organic that they have:

NO Chemicals
NO Pesticides
NO Synthetics
NO Fillers
NO Solvents
NO Animal testing

These beauty skin products are remarkable for face, body and hair.  Our scientifically made formulas focus on anti aging, anti wrinkle, and help to normalize oily skin, acne, acne prone and dry skin.

These organic skin firming products also hydrate dry skin.  You will  find moisturizers for oily skin, moisturizers for dry skin and organic body lotions.

Who can Benefit from The Vital Image Skin Care Solutions?

Our organic skincare formulations are designed to enhance clear skin, and address dry skin, oily skin, baby skin, teenage, adult and skin of both genders and all races.

We still have customers that started with us 24 years ago because they have verified that The Vital Image products' performance is unsurpassed when you want to: 

  • Obtain clear, beautiful, elegant, healthy skin;
  • Generate anti aging;
  • Diminish, erase and/or reverse wrinkles and lines;
  • Tighten loose jowls;
  • Lift droopy eye lids to take years off your appearance;
  • Plump and hydrate your skin for a more youthful glow;
  • Balance overly oily or overly dry skin;
  • Overcome and prevent acne and other various kinds of skin problems ; and
  • In short, look from 5 to 15+ years younger.

STOP:  Don't touch your face 'til you read the Skin Report  


Amazing Skin-Care BREAKTHROUGH!!

  • ·        Men, Women, all skin types benefit
  • ·        Get rid of wrinkles, lines, loose jowls 
  • ·        Clear blemishes and Acne! 
  • ·        5 MUST DO steps to great skin 
  • ·        9 Skin-care myths are CRUSHED!
  • ·        REVITALIZE your skin at home
  • ·        How to test for damaged, aging skin
  • ·        How to test for harmful products


The Vital Image offers scientifically made, powerful, gentle, natural skin care products that perform better than any other product on this planet.

Our methods are totally people safe and planet friendly.  

Our scientists know how nature works its miracles and which nutrients perform them.  We select the purest organically grown plants that contain the nutrients required to do specific functions--moisturize, tighten, lift, plump, repair, refresh, rejuvenate. . . We then blend them into premium formulations of natural skin care products that are people and planet friendly.   

Our customers demand the very best performing products at reasonable prices and insist on no fancy or costly packaging

This has been our philosophy for over 26 years and we continue to "walk the talk".  We are our best customers.  We use the same products we share with you.

We systematically select the highest quality plant extracts that yield you maximum results!--The healthiest, most beautiful skin and hair that your body could possibly generate as quickly as possible for as long as possible.

Who else wants to improve the quality of their skin?

The amazing thing, of course, is the speed at which this program works.  It is rather remarkable to see how quickly results appear!

Of course, too, all our products carry a money back guarantee.

Please feel free to print and use information in this site for your personal life enhancement. You are welcome to visit as often as you like to take advantage of our frequently updated and new life-enhancing tips and special offerings.


Our Mission

The Vital Image uses the latest methods to make and share the purest and most rejuvenating products in the world with our most important people in the world--our customers, family and friends.

 Our selection of plants, the purity of our nature-friendly extracts and our in-house, unique Charged Organic Particles that are Submicroscopic (COPS) give us powerful blends that give you maximum health and beauty. 

 You can pay more, you can pay less but you can't get better than The Vital Image products.  We guarantee it!


Company Profile

 Leah a licensed Aesthetician and German Ruiz formed the The Vital Image in 1986 and actively manages the company.  Our products are custom made by medical, chemical and botanical scientists in a state-of-the-art laboratory using only natural ingredients – 100% natural food-grade.

Our customers enjoy and share these natural treasures with their families and friends.   Their loyalty is testimony to the continued, unequaled rejuvenating and beautifying results that our products give them.

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